United Islands
Yhdistynyt saarten
Förenade öarna
Verenigde Eilanden
Verjeeingde Aila'nden

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Flag of UI
Coat of Arms

Esto perpetua
Let be Eternal
May our flag fly over the islands
UI Members
Capital city Wimsburg Wimsburg (2015-16)
Largest city Wimsburg (population)
Perraburg (size)
Official language(s) English, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish ,Julholmese ,Esperanto
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Has short name::UI
Demonym United Islander
Government Confederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
- Prince Wim Hart
- Crown-General Shady Morsi
- Prime Minister Destiny Kuijper
Legislature Parlamentet
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 20
- Last election - 2015
Established 22 July 2015
Area claimed 17 km²
Population 130 Registerd
Currency United Kron (de jure)
Euro (de facto)
Swedish krona (accepted)
National sport Paddling
National dish Meatballs
National drink Dazul
National animal Lion
Patron saint Calvin
The United Islands, sometimes simply refered as the Islands by citizens and is also refered, is a huge sized micronation located in the Fennoscandian Sector , bordering the Republic of Märrskär  and the Republic of Stora to the west and Langholm and the Brändholmer Republic to the south, Established in 22 July the country is a federation of 7 states The constituent states are , Julholm, Inre, Nordland, Angelholm, Hasslo, Nordholm, and Haren.and 2 territorries Sudholm ,Livana Each state is governed by a president who have absolute or ceremonial power Originally founded as Soldania in Brandholm in 2010 by Lars Dat and his frend Wim Hart as a separatist breakaway state It became Brandholm and become the Principality of Brändholm . then it became a republic and again a Principality After a referendum Brandholm became the United Islands and adopted a new constitution, establishing itself as a Confederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy under the name United Islands the United Islands is a democratic, semi-developed micronation which scores 3.7 on Dresner's system of Classification. In addition, it is a "6th World" micronation, according to the Whole Picture calculation of the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification and Dan's System of Classification. On Miles' Scale of Economic Potential, the UI scores a 5.


The name United Islands come from the confederal state form 


Main article: History of the United Islands


The United Islands is a constitutional,ceremonial, popular monarchy and a Confederal parliamentary democracy. The unicameral federal parliament have very limited power and influence about the states due the states have its own parliaments

Wim is the Prince of the United Islands and the head of state. The Prince is represented by the Crown-General , whom he appoints on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Crown-General can exercise the Crown's prerogative powers, such as reviewing cases of injustice and making appointments of ministers, ambassadors and other key public officials, and in rare situations, the reserve powers (e.g. the power to dissolve Parliament or refuse the Royal Assent of a bill into law).The powers of the Prince and the Crown-General are limited by constitutional constraints and they cannot normally be exercised without the advice of Cabinet.

Political Parties

Main article: Political Parties of the United Islands

the UI is a multi-party state. Coalitions are often formed between parties because there are so many.

Federal States

The United Islands is a Confederation of 8 states, and the District of Syeat, The original 5 states were provincies of the Princely State of Brändholm

The states compose the vast bulk of the UI land mass. The District of Syeat is a federal district located in the Netherlands which contains the capital of the United Islands, Wimsburg. The United Islands also possesses one major overseas territory: Livania Those born in the major territories are birthright UI citizens

Flag Location State Capital Population Parlamentet Delegates Head of State Head of Government
Capital District
Fleh Seyatmap District of Syeat Valkmaar 21
Julholm seal
State of Julholm Ja'lholmerhaven 32 Maximilaan Leigh (ASTAN) President Maximilaan Leigh (ASTAN) Prime Minister Sven Wigwam(RC)
Flag of Julholmskläppen
Arms of irne
Irne Iren 10
President Thomas Burkson 
Nordlandflag EmblemNordland Nordland Klinkenburg 18 Arjan Heide (NL) President Arjan Heide (NL) Prime Minister Arjan Heide
Angelholm Patavia 15 Max Sloteboom (TP) President Max Sloteboom (TP) Prime Minister TBA
Nordholm Österharen 23 Eef Klaverveld President Eef Klaverveld (NL) Prime Minister Dennis Lee (TP)
Haren Harenburg 34 Wecno Wekker President Tyrone Owsley (OP) Prime Minister Tim Varik
Hässlö Perraburg 19 TBA President Rick van Wietmarshen Prime Minister Elise van Wietmarschen
Crown dependencies
Sulholm 100px Sudholm Reinsburg 0 TBA Prince Wim Hart Crown-General Shady Morsi
Livania 100px Livania None 0
Samuel Bakker

Law and Order

Law enforcement in the United Islands is the responsibility of the Civil Guard (due the fact the UI dont have a police force). Jurisprudence operates on a Retributive justice system, with crimes being tried by a State Court, a City Court, or the National Court, depending on the severity of the offence.

Foreign Relations

The United Islands has an official foreign policy but its diplomacy is guided by a commitment to be recognized by as many nations as possible and to make a noticeable and positive impact on the micronational community. A detailed list of foreign relations is linked in above in the title of this section. The United Islands is also a proud member of the Micronationals Nations


According to the 2016 Census, the United Islands had a population of 130. The racial composition of the state was 80% White (including multiracial whites) and 20% Black.

The United Islands can be regarded as a predominantly atheist nation, with 60% of respondents listing themselves as atheist or non-religious. The study shows that 10% of them are Christian (incl;Catholics and Protestants) 20% are Budhist and 10% are Muslims


The United Islands has a total of 20 islands land enclave and 1 Exclave located in the Netherlands. The largest island, is Angleholm Together they are often known as the Mainland. 



Landscape of Irne

The Mainland is an archipelago of 13 islands and 7 islets in the Baltic Sea, 3 km (1mi) from Foglo offshore from the Finnish coast. The archipelago got its name from the government,The Largest state of the United Islands is Hasslo and Angleholm and had a population estimated at 4 All islands are claimed as the UI dont control them



Map of Seyat

 Seyat is the main controled region of The United Islands Wimsburg the capital city of the United Islands, it is situated on the Eastern Brandholm border with the Netherlands. The mainland consists of slightly sloped, grassland. and a Playground The largest city Seyat resides on international borders on two sides. The highest point of mainland is 1 meters above sea level. The land is mainly filled with grass and surrounded by a large border wall on all sides. The territory is owned and control by the government.


Emblem of Brandholmer Military

Emblem of the Statenförsvar


A Jeep used by the Statenförsvar

The Statenförsvar (State Defence) comprise three services: the Army,the navy and the Air Force and Air Defense (a unified branch). It was partially formed out of the former Derskovian Army forces stationed in the Capital The Commander-in-Chief of the military is the Crown-General, Shady Morsi. The Ministry of Defense is in charge of political leadership, headed by Timo Bakker, while military command remains on the president The Army is the largest branch of the Statenförsvar and consists of the ground forces responsible for the country's land-based operations. It was established in conjunction with the other components of Brandholmer military on 2014, several months after the republic declared its independence from finland The Navy is the Naval component of the Statenförsvar operating in the Coast and Other Areas.It have one Ship the UCS Vaikomen it have also a marine infantary


D-V Coin

Brandholmer Kron is used in cultural regions

The currency of the United Islands is the United Kron (K), which is regulated by the Statbanka. The Chairman of the Bank is Dennis der Lee He announced the creation of the Federal Revenue and Customs, controlling Its only used in the cultural regions of the republic


The United Islands use the has a highly free marked mixed economy with a per capita output equal to that of other European economies such as Finland,Sweden. The largest sector of the economy is export at 66%, followed by trading and refining at 31%. Primary production is 2.9%. With respect to foreign trade, the key economic sector is selling fruits and vegetables from Serdesia.


United Islander culture is considered a branch of the Nordic cultures of Europe. The As aforementioned, the culture is based on that of Northern Europe, however is mostly influenced from Finland. There are many different ethnic groups within the Republic, but the country is mostly influenced by the Finnish-Swedish traditions, With clothes, a Western-European style is mainly adoptes due to the position of The Republic. However, many men and women wear casual and other such items too. The cuisine is mainly meat, such as cow, horse and pork; UI's national drink is Dazul with is actuly water with alcohol


The national sport is paddling. Due the fact the United Islands is an island nation, Other sports including football (It played a match with South Gripo) and Shother, A re-enactment game with the goal to drive the enemy club away



Ossenworst is one of the national dishes of Brändholm.

United Islander Cusine refers to the food which is considered tradional in the UI or recopies which have been developed by United Islander citizens. It also refers to the shared culinary trates found in UI people.
Flag of UI   Subdivisions of the United Islands   Flag of UI

Flag of the Republic of BrändholmBrändholm, JULHOLMflagJulholm, Flag of JulholmskläppenIrne, NordlandflagNordland, AngelholmAngelholm, NordholmNordholm, Fascist harenHaren, HassloHässlö,

Crown dependencies

Sulholm Sudholm , Livania Livania

Capital District

Fleh, Syeat

Irylliaflag   Countries of the Fennoscandian Sector   Irylliaflag
Existing nations

Flag of UIUnited Islands, FlagOfMarrskarDemocratic State of Märrskär ,Sweden-State-Flag-alternate-1838State of Långholm ,Flag of PR Marreskar Marrskari People's Government RonknobbenRepublic of Stora Flag of the ROE Republic of Ekholm Fascist haren Republic of Haren

Defunct nations

State of Brändholm ,Flag of PR Marreskar Democratic Märrskär, UN Republic of Hässlö , SoldaniaFlagSoldania ,25px Princedom of Brändholm,

Seperatist groups

Angholmer State Flag of The Kingdom of Lillaholm Lillaholm , Nordlandflag Nordlandic Federation , Laurissanrepublic Independent State of Laurissa , JULHOLMflagJalholmer Rabubliek ,Nordholm Republic of Nordholm

Seperatist groups no longer active

Musrati Republic, 25px Autonomous Province of Western Langholm Flag of JulholmRepublic of Julhom Flag of JulholmNorth Julhomer Automony Flag of JulholmRepublic of Laddas,25px United Provincies25px Empire of Gripo FlagOfMarrskarDemocratic Kingdom of Apotekarfaret

Nations Located in Fennoscandia but not cultural associated

Last.berlonia-1 Godor (Berlonia), Radon Canton of Gylto (Radon)

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