State of Märrskär
Provisional Flag.png

Emblem of Marrskar
Coat of Arms

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Progress and Happiness"
March of Victory
Capital city Talkaset
Official language(s) English, Finnish, Swedish
Official religion(s) State Catholicism
Short name Has short name::Märrskär
Demonym Marrskarian
Government Parliamentary republic
- President Nico Masent
- Prime Minister Wauter Croose
- Speaker of the Senate Robert-Cornie Stofhousen
Legislature Senate
- Number of seats - 10
Established 7 June 2015
Population 45
Currency Hekki
National sport Paddling
National dish Salmon
National animal Eagle
Patron saint St Joseph
Märrskär officially the State of Märrskär was a country in Fennoscandia. The country borders the United Islands to the east, and Finland in the West. The capital, Talkaset, is in the center of the country while Marrsinki its largest city. The largest ethnic groups in Marrskar are Finnish and Dutch.

The region is often referred to as Apotekarfaret with was a part of the Soldanian empire. 

Marrskar modern borders were mostly demarcated in 2015 by the FU  when the republic was established in 2015 and gained independence from Finland. Marrekar was controlled by the Communist Party. After an invasion by Brandholm the Socialist Party was removed from power and multi-party parliamentary elections were held. The State ended with the fomation of the Government of National Unity by the Conservatives and the Communists formally ending the conflict.

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