State of Brändholm
Flag of the Republic of Brändholm.png
Flag of the Republic of Brändholm.png

Flag of the Republic of Brändholm
Coat of Arms of the Republic of Brändholm

True Freedom is in four islands
Capital city Wimsburg
Official language(s) English,Dutch Esparanto Julholmese Finnish Swedish
Government Semi-Presidental Republic
- President Shady Morsi
- Prime Minister Samuel Bakker
Jeffrey van Klink
Legislature Landskamer
Brändholm also known as Brandholm or Brandhorn officially the State of Brändholm  was a small unregconized state, commonly referred as a micronation.  The State of Brandholm considers of an arcipelago of 14 islands and islets and 2 smaller territorial enclaves in the Netherlands .it was replaced with the Princely State of Brändholm


In the last time of the republic. Various disputes and disagreements within the government and parties with separate from other party. Also due a lack of some citizens the republic collapsed Julholm declared independence from Brandholm the remnants of the republic formed the State of Brändholm considers of Brandholm island however on the 9th of March. The Republic of Julholm proclaimed the merger with Brandholm

On 2015 the government returned to the old system, The confederacy is aboslished as on 2 june Brandholm started the Kunnia War After the war the YOG dispute begon and the Prince returned to the country. constitutional referendumwas held in Brandholm on 26 June 2015 a key event of Brandholmerhistoryruled by various presidents Soon with 76% of the votes the monarchy is re established