Republic of Hasslo  


Coat of Arms
Motto: Democracy and Freedom
Capital Hässlö City
Official languages English
Denonym Hassloate
Government Presidental Republic
Leaders President: Brisha Perea
Founded 2015
Dissoluition 2015
Location North Eastern Europe
Population 2
Currency US Dollars

The Republic of Hässlö was a Finnish micronation formed in 2015. by Brisha Perea


The short lived micronation located in the Fennoscandian Sector. was founded by President Brisha Perea,by starting claiming Hässlö, However the nation started expanding and at its peak consisted of 6 Islands .The republic gained recognition from Marrskar, Langholm and Brandholm. However due to unknown reasons the Republic became defunct on 20 April 2015


The government is a republic with hard presidental rule the president was the highest autorthy of the republic


Due the republic dont have an own flag it used the UN flag form 1947

Foreigin Affairs

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