The Radonic Military is a task force tasked with the defense of Radon.


The military consists out of infantry, with the primary land transport being bicycles and primary naval transport being boats.


Name Type of weapon Commissioned Description
PPP-1 Pistol-like During the Third Pikawar Has a rotating barrel, much like a revolver.
PPP-2 Crossbow gun Between the Third and Fourth Pikawar Can fire arrows or balls 6 times smaller than an Airsoft BB.
PPP-3 Pistol Between the Third and Fourth Pikawar Fires the same balls 6 times smaller than an Airsoft BB.
DT-1 Shotgun During the Fifth Pikawar Fires two shots.
PPP-4 Shotgun August 2014 Only fires one shot, needs to be reloaded soon afterwards.
PPP-5 Assault rifle August 2014 Compatible with magazines.
CO-1 Pistol August 2014 Automatic pistol.
LR-1 Sniper rifle August 2014 Currently the weapon doing the most hurt.
DT-2 Rifle November 2014 Fires two shots.
ST-1 Pistol May 2015 Its bullets travel quite far before falling.

Planned weapons

Name Type of weapon Description
TU-1 Turret Has 2 very large magazines, making a capacity of 50 rounds.
BO-1 Bomber Drops a single bomb onto the target.
TU-2 Remote-controlled robot The robot can rapid-fire.