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This page is about the principality. For other Radons, see Radon.

Federated Principality of Radon

The Flag of Radon


The CoA of Radon


Terra Paxida
(Land of Peace)



North Holland, Netherlands / Northumberland, England
Capital city Lareanit, Northern Avernoi, Central Radon
Largest city Arctos, Arctær Civilico
Official language(s) Dutch, English, Mahusetan, Radonic
Official religion(s) Lacism, Secular
Short name Radon
Demonym Radonic
Government Federal constitutional principality
- Prince Nuri I
- Prime Minister TBD
- Governor None
- Type - Unicameral
Established February 28th, 2014
Area claimed 147,9 sq km (57,1 sq mi)
Population 229
Residents: around 65.000
Density 1,5 people/sq km (4 people/sq mi)
Currency Radonic Lare
Time zone (GMT +1)
National drink Lemonade
National animal Serval

Radon (Radonic: Fresternis Reedan, pronounciation: RAY-don or RAH-don), officially the Federated Principality of Radon is an independent principality which claims various pieces of land in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Radon is the only surviving successor to the defunct micronations which are the State of Matsia, the Second Kingdom of Matsia, the Kingdom of Mahuset, Jefferson and Columbus, etc.


The Principality of Radon is governed as a federated principality in that the prince partially controls the entirety of the land, meaning that he can add land to a canton and can veto all decisions by cantoniers or the governor, except neutrality laws.

Cantons are run by a "cantonier" which oversees and governs the land. He/She can add citizens to a canton, though for some he/she will require the Prime Minister's approval, or in case of absence, the Prince's approval.

Autonomous states run themselves, thus no approval from the Prime Minister or the Prince is required. Like all other cantons, they can also propose a law to either.

Communal cantons are run by a single governor overseeing and governing all communal cantons. His/Her powers are the same as that of a cantonier.


  • A view of Central Radon and a part of Færmo.
  • A view of Noorderhaven.
  • A view of Arctær Civilico.
  • A view of Ïsler.

Most of Radon is relatively flat with little to no height difference.


While Radon has a temperate climate, it is the most affected by storms.


Nuri's World era (2004-2009)

Nuri's World was a fictional world, which was partly responsible for the creation of Radon.

Team Pika Pika era (2009-2011)

On February 18th, 2011, Nuri and Ewout Bruggink were talking with each other near the gym in the Burgermeester de Wildeschool, when Ewout had the idea to start a fan group based on Pokémon, named Team Pika Pika. This group would later become the Mahusetan company named PP Clubs. Some boys showed opposition against the fan group, these were the Pikahaters. The result was a 'war' over playing ground better known as the First Pikawar.

Fraternis Reedan (2012-2013)

Fraternis Reedan was founded on June 6th, 2012 by Nuri I to get the feeling of autonomy. The names of the micronation's places are mostly based of elements. One month after its creation on August 8th, 2012, this nation fused with Mahuset. A month after that, it fell into inactivity. Not much is known about this micronation other than the fact that Fraternis Reedan (by that time unnamed) was a proposed defensive body for the First Pikawar.

Zetian Era (2011-current)

While Zetia is a fictional space nation, a real life version was created around Christmas Eve 2013. It was believed by many to claim the ISS and Fraternis Reedan. Ultimately, both claims were falsified, allowing the micronation to leave the community and seemingly secede from Ashukov, although the latter is falsified by Emiel Hardy a year later.

Fresternis Reedan (Feb 2014-current)

As a principality (Feb 2014-Oct 2014)

Fresternis Reedan formed on February 28th, 2014 by Nuri I with the signing of the Treaty of Radon. The principality is a fast developer in this era. It had fallen into inactivity five months after its creation, starting the collapse of Mahuset and before the new Mahuset and after the inactivity, the beginning of Krasota.

The Rebirth (Feb 2014-Sept 2014)

Fresternis Reedan had just formed, when it joined Mahuset again as part of the treaty. In this stage, Radon was the explosive developer of Mahuset, quickly gaining population and land area.

The Survivor of Mahuset (Sept 2014)

After Mahuset had ended, Fresternis Reedan was independent again. But soon after Radon, along with Matsia, formed Krasota as an unity.

Another Mahuset (Sept 2014-Oct 2014)

Meanwhile, Radon was experiencing a peak in administration. After Mahuset had temporarily restarted as the Royal Union of Mahuset, Radon (as Krasota) was pulled in as well. After a week, Radon seriously angered the king, thus ending the unity.

As a constitutional principality (Oct 2014-Jul 2016)

After that, the Constitutional Principality of Radon was formed. In this era, Matthies agreed to become a canton of Radon, Nærtum, which then became autonomous as a duchy and then independent.

As a federal principality (Jul 2016-current)

After the 2016 Radonic reforms, it was decided that, along with two other things, Radon would become a federal principality. In this era, Radon's prince becomes grand prince of Sinoland.

States and Federal departments

Radon is a federation of numerous states, also called cantons, who are guaranteed numerous rights outlined in its constitution and each (except for Ïsler) having its own capital, the administrates for the municipalities and the magistrates for the cantons. The Municipaliters and cantoniers are responsible for maintaining order in the states.

There are also three municipalities (the subdivisions of cantons) in Radon.

Flag Emblem Name Administrate/Magistrate Population Location Landmass Head of Government Type of HoG[1]
Noorderhavenflag Radon Arms Municipality of
Færes 15 Noorderhaven, Julianadorp 0,887 sq km None as of yet Municipaliter
Faermo Radon Arms Municipality of
Plænia 7 Western Julianadorp 2,56 sq km None as of yet Municipaliter
CentralRadon Radon Arms Municipality of
Central Radon
Lareanit 78 Julianadorp 3,54 sq km Nuri I Municipaliter
Radon Arms Canton of
Lareanit 99[2] Julianadorp[3] 6,99 sq km Nuri I Cantonier
Pacifico Arms Canton of
Roe Pfoto 8 Western Tuitjenhorn 3,71 sq km Johan Bloothoofd Cantonier
Radon Arms[4] Canton of
None[5] Uninhabited Noorderhaaks Island 8,17 sq km None as of yet Cantonier
60px Canton of
Arctær Civilico
Helder Sude 48 Southern Den Helder 3,94 sq km Sander Goldewijk Cantonier
60px Canton of
Striwo 5 Northern Petten 2,15 sq km None as of yet Cantonier
Proposal Nærtum Second Canton of
Nærto 1 Northern Northumberland National Park 7,12 sq km None as of yet Cantonier
Canton of
Allanzæ 7 Between Julianadorp and Den Helder 11,6 sq km None as of yet Cantonier
Canton of
Gylto Centrale 4 (estimated) Finland 5,51 sq km None Cantonier
Canton of
Helder Norde 6 (estimated) Den Helder, Netherlands 22,4 sq km None as of yet Cantonier
Communal Cantons
No Autonomous Territories
Micronations in the Radonic realm[6]
Nærtum MatsiaArms Second State of
Matsia City 1 State of Matsia <1 hectare (<0,01 sq km) Matthies Kersbergen Ruler

Political Parties


Name Logo Founded Ideology Position Seats Leader
Radonic Party of Lacism 2014 Lacism Centre
5 / 11
Nuri I
Simplicity Party 100px 2013 Simplism Left Wing
4 / 11
Stendert van Amersfoort
Independent None 2014 Independent Various
2 / 11


Radon allows all territories to have their own culture but some use the Radonic culture.


Radon uses the same languages as Mahuset, they're known as the Mahusetoni-Radoni languages. They are:

Some languages outside of Radon are also used in Radon. They are:

  • English
  • Dutch


Radon has several football clubs that play against each other, in the 2016 EUFA Champions League or 2016 EUFA Europa League, or play friendly matches against other micronational football clubs.


Radon doesn't have that many traditional cuisine. However, Schnitzo, made from chickens, potatoes and French beans, is a common Radonic dish. Fried onions and pears are popular among the Radonic too.


Radon has all Dutch holidays, but two of the holidays originate in Radon. They are:

Date Radonic name English name Remarks
17th-19th of September Solnaer of Fiira Days of Fire References the fact that 'nuri' is 'my little fire' in Russian. Celebration of the birth of Nuri I.
6th of June Nostal Solna Nostalgia Day Celebration of the creation of Fraternis Reedan.


Radon also has an national gemstone. It is an diamond with the flag of Radon in it.

Radon is fairly known of its use of Yin-Yangs throughout its flags, as a Yin-Yang is also included in its coat of arms.

File:Radoni Diamond.jpg

Foreign Affairs

Due to its neutrality policy, Radon cannot enter a union that has influence over Radon or enter any war, even if one of Radon's allies is attacked.

Diplomatic relations (allies)

Flag Name Note
California Flag Confederacy of
Confederation of
Diplomatic Relations treaty was signed January 9th, 2016.

Mutual Recognition

Flag Name Note
Democratic Socialist Republic of
Mutual Recognition treaty was signed August 2nd, 2015.
New Woods Republic Flag Woodlands Republic
Radibu United Republic of
Doland, Jameston and Brietnam
Mutual Recognition treaty was signed February 19th, 2016.

Informal relations

Flag Name Remarks
FlagOfKeig Republic of
Recognized by Radon.
AstoriaFlag Sovereign State of

Unions joined by Radon


  1. HoG means Head of Government.
  2. The amount of citizens is the same as the three municipalities combined.
  3. The canton itself is made up of the three municipalities.
  4. As Ïsler is an territory as defined by the Treaty of Radon, Ïsler uses Tempera's CoA.
  5. As Ïsler is only used for recreation purposes, this canton has no magistrate. However, the place of Ïsler's administration is in Lareanit.
  6. Basically micronations that were previously Radonic land and/or previously controlled by a Radonic prince.
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