Rada Movement
Participant in Langholmer Civil War and Kunnia War
Flag of sweden
Active 2014–present
  • Socialism
  • Swedish Nationalism
  • Liberalism
  • Cleo Nystorm (POW)
  • Talkaset ,Marrskar
Area of operations
Strength 7-22

State allies

Non-state allies

  •  Flag of PR Marreskar Marrskarian Liberation Group

State opponents

Other State opponents[show]

Non-state opponents

Battles and wars

The Rada Movement (prevail movement), is an rebel group led by Cleo Nystorm (nicknamed Cursed Ginger), that led an internal rebellion against the Fennoscandian Governments . Cleo also declared war on the alegiant states such as Viadalvia and Dolmenia

The rebellion In Langholm, has been known as the Langholmer Civil insurgency. The RM commanded a force of around 34 people,and they had their own state However after the  Kunnia War and the loss of key leaders, culminating Nystorm, RF operations have devolved from actions that were controlled from the top down, to actions by franchise associated groups and lone-wolf operators.


The Ideology of the RM was Socialism ,Liberalism ,Progressiveism ,Communism and joining Sweden as the Automomus Republic of Aland

The leader of the VPF, Nystorm is strong dedicated Socialis as well as a Swedish Irridentist movement