The United Islands is a multi-party state. Coalitions are often formed between parties because there are so many. 

Parties represented in the Parlemetet

In Goverment

National League

The National League is the biggest party led by Shady Morsi and Jari Colijn the parties idea is to create a society based on Conservatism and Libertarianism with less rules The party get the most support in Brandholm and Nordland . Its also known as the Blue Banner Party 

Traditional Party

The Traditional Party is a new  formed party. the party want create the country based on the medival kingdom of sweden and want to abolish woman rights and trade unions the Party get support mainly in Angelholm but also in Haren and Sudholm

Sword of the People

The Sword of the People is a radical anti immigrant party and is known for its ultranationalism and want to establish a republican system in the UI. The party got also the most support in Nordland 



A STAN or its fully name A Stan, a stan for Jalhalm (A voice for Julholm)  defend the interests of the State of Julholm and also have ideas for Social Democracy and Liberalism The party have support in Julholm and Irne

Socialist Party of the United Islands

This newly formed party is known for defending New_Left and Gay rights they are also intrested in forming a socialist republic in the UI the party have support in Nordland but this party however is kindly unpopular 

Parties not represented in the Parlemetet

Communist Party of the UI

Social Democratic Alliance

Laurissa First