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Ohio (USA)
Capital city Edyn
Official language(s) English
Demonym Octothorpian, Octothorpe
Government Empirical Monarchy
- Emperor Eric Gros
- Emperess Londyn Hewlett
- Heir Presumptive Shannon Gros
- Number of seats - 7 High, 3 Regional
Established December 19, 2014
Population 21
Currency US Dollar
Time zone EST
National animal Emperor Newt
Octothorpia is a micronation established in 2014. It is headquartered in Kent, Ohio, where its creator, Eric Gros, resides and studies at the local university. It was created so that it would one day have the political and economic backing to become an independent nation.


On December 19, 2014 Octothorpia's first official meeting was held; it included six of nation's first citizens. On January 13, 2015 the country's pledge was written. By January 22, Octothorpia's flag was chosen and the first citizenship papers were signed into effect. A month later the emperor sent a letter to the United States requesting recognition as a sovereign state. By May 16 a new hall of records rose which caused the re-establishment of Octothorpia.


Political Parties

There are three political parties in the Octothorpian system of government. These political parties are loosely based off of the American political system, which holds a two party system for elections. Currently, there is a three party system in place, but other parties may begin to divulge as the nation grows.


Leader: Eric Gros


Leader(s): Evan Williams, Braden Klouse


Leader(s): Ciana Petrullo, Shannon Gros

High Council

Octothorpia has a very elite government. The Emperor chooses the High Council, and has the right to remove a member from the Council should he deem that they are not fit or worthy to rule the citizens of Octothorpia fully. The job of the High Council is to preserve and protect the freedom of the citizens of Octothorpia.

Emperor: Eric Gros

Empress: Londyn Hewlett

Head of State: Shannon Gros

Head of Treasury: Jordan Marzka

Head of Internal Affairs: -Empty-

Head of Defense: -Empty-

Head of Education: -Empty-

Regional Councils

These smaller boards of people will be found wherever there are enough citizens to make up a board. These positions are elected democratically, and while they have their say in what happens in their certain sectors, they do report directly to the High Council with any issues. They deal with mainly smaller matters that the High Council doesn't merit important enough.

Kent, OH

Head of Justice: -Empty-

Trade Representative(s): -Empty-

Economic Advisor: -Empty-

Boulder City, NV

Head of Justice: Jessica Smith

Trade Representative(s): -Empty-

Economic Advisor: -Empty-

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