This is a list of micronations by establishment, first is the newest, last is the oldest. You can add your micronation, as long as you don't make any inaccurate claims.

Micronation Date founded
Flag of Apia Apia, Principality of October 31st, 2015

Last.berlonia-1Berlonia, Diplomatic Republic of

February 23rd, 2015
Esterlynian Flag Mini Esterlyn, Republican States of December 28th, 2014
NATIONAL FLAG Föúric Corporation October 29th, 2014
Radon Radon, Constitutional Principality of February 28th, 2014
Radibu United Republic February 3rd, 2014
Inagua1 Republic of Inagua January, 2012
FlagOfKeig Keig, Republic of November 2nd, 2013
Alampourdesian flag passed Alampourdesia, Republic of April 24th, 2010
Westprop1 Westland, Federation of June 10th, 2009
Seborga-flag Seborga, Principality of 1996 (declared independence)
Molossia flag Molossia, Republic of 26th May 1977
125px-Flag of Sealand.svg Sealand, Principality of 2nd September 1967
RedondaRedonda, Kingdom of 1865
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