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Laddas-Olympia Derby
Other names
  • Jalhalmer-Brandhalmer slagt
Locale United Islands
First meeting Olympia FC 2-2 FC Laddas 
Latest meeting Olympia-Laddas 
Meetings total 3
Most wins Olympia
Top scorer Robert Kleindijk (4)
All-time series Olympia  : 2

Drawn: 1 Laddas : 60

Largest victory Olympia 2–0 Laddas

Staatendevisie Final

The Laddas-Olympia Derby , is the name given in football to any match between fierce rivals Olympia Football Club and Football Club Laddas . Originally it referred only to those competitions held in the staatsdevisie, but nowadays the term has been generalized, and tends to include every single match between the two clubs: it is the biggest football club game in the United Islands

The rivalry comes about as Olympia and Laddas are the two largest cities in the United Islands, and they are sometimes identified with opposing political positions, with Olympia Football Club viewed as representing Brandholmer Nationalism and viewed as Football Club Laddas representing Julholmer Nationalism  The two clubs are among the richest and most successful football clubs in the United Islands ; in 2014 they were ranked the world's two most valuable sports teams. Both clubs have a global fanbase; they are the world's two most followed sports teams 

They played the Finals in the Staatsdivision while they won the Cup of UI and played 2-2 in the kickoffs


Team 1 Score Team 2 Game
Olympia Football Club Olympia.png 2-2 Fc laddas.jpg Football Club Laddas Playoffs
Fc laddas.jpg Football Club Laddas 0-2 Olympia.png Olympia Football Club Finals
Olympia Football Club Olympia.png 1-0 Fc laddas.jpg Football Club Laddas Playoffs