A timeline


On the stormy night of the 3rd of February 2014, King Eoghan I, (later President of the United Republic), declared Doland to be an independent nation. Initially, times were tough, with the Kingdoms of Jameston and Orlando declaring their independence.

However, King Eoghan I marched through this, with multiple attacks, however, some were lost, this was disappointing for the people of Doland. King Eoghan I then decided to turn to international relations, to back him up in the next attack.


King Eoghan I launched a 'test nation on the MicroWikia known as the 'Kingdom of Graistan', this was to learn how to create a page properly, and how to start diplomatic relationships, without tainting Doland's reputation. During this time, King Eoghan I formed an alliance with the Kingdom's biggest ally, Keig.

King Eoghan I and Keigen President Gilmour, launced the Keigen-Dolandic Commonwealth. However, due to power disagreements, this was disbanded on the Commonwealth's first month birthday. King Eoghan I then launched the 'United-Dolandic Commonwealth'.


On December 3rd 2014, 11 months after Doland was formed, it became a republic, and restructured, this was under the advice of Jamestonic King James and Keigen President Gilmour. Jameston agreed to join if their King was either President or Vice-President of this new union, King Eoghan I (now President Eoghan) agreed.

Also at this international summit, was the Brietnamese head of state, (who requested anonymity in this historic timeline), she agreed to join this union, on the terms that she would gain a place in parliament, and have Brietnam as a UR SAR, rather than a fully controlled territory.

Brietnam was given home rule, and finally, the United Republic of Doland, Jameston and Brietnam, was born. But the Dolandic people weren't out of the woods yet, they still had to hope that their King would win the Presidential election, this was a 2-1 victory of President Eoghan, who then made Tranmania (Doland's capital), the capital of the UR. Since then, the UR has become strong, forming alliances with more nations then ever, and the story continues, on to 2015.