Democratic Märrskär
2015Provisional Flag.png
Flag of PR Marreskar.png

Flag of PR Marreskar
Flag (2015)

Long Life the Revoluition Long Life the Red Banner (de facto)
All Salute the Red Flag (unoffical)
Glorious Twentysixth of January
Capital city Talkaset
Largest city Talkaset
Official language(s) English,Finnish
Official religion(s) State Atheism
Short name Has short name::Märrskär
Government Single-party Neo-Bolshevist Republic under totalitarian dictatorship
- President of the State Presidium Micheal Lijedekker (First)
Djordy-Amardo Berkel(Last)
- General Secretary Dave Visser
- Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army Yuri Mulder
Legislature State Presidium
- Number of seats - 10
Established January Revolution (Marrskar)24 January 2015
Disestablished Brandholmer-Marrskar War 4 June 2015
Population 24
Currency None - currency was abolished.
Marrskar, formally  Democratic Marrskar The nation once leaded by Dave Visser but Djordy became elected President of Marrskar, , during the period of the Communist Party rule. This period began with high economic growth and soaring prosperity, but ended with Marrskar facing social, political, and economic stagnation. The average annual income decreased because of several external factors, and several internal policies of the regime.

. The country's economic conditions worsened during its indenpendence, and at the turn of the 21st century, Marrskars economy started to grow due the Marrskarians give political asylum, to Nystorm the FSC labelled Marrskar as a part of an "Axis of Evil". In 2015 ,Brandholm invaded Marrskar, and the Communists was deposed less than 4 days later.


In 2015, the self proclaimed Revolutionary Army deposed Cynthia Bakker as the head of state., the state was renamed into the Democratic People's Republic of Märrskär Talkaset was proclaimed as capital Micheal Lijendekker was proclaimed as President while Dave Visser had the absolute power

Märrskär become more isolated as the communist government start isolating Märrskär from foreigners and other non-Märrskärians as a result more nations begin embargo Democratic Märrskär The CPM were very reluctant to share power, and since their ranks were overwhelmingly Spreading from Talkaset, The CPM sought to impose a strict interpretation of Stalinist law upon the entire country of Marrskar.

During the 6 months history of the State much of the population experienced restrictions on their freedom . Women were banned from working, and schools are closed


The Communist Party of Marrskar described the January Revolution as a democratic revolution signifying "a victory of the honourable working people of Marrskar" and the "manifestation of the real will and interests of workers, peasants and toilers." While the idea of moving Marrskar toward socialism was proclaimed, completing the task was seen as an arduous road. Thus, Marrskar's foreign minister commented that Marrskar was a democratic but not yet a people's republic, while a member of the CPM

International relations

The nation was recognised by the Fennoscandian nations and the state was highly xenophobic, emphasizing an idealized, isolated, and self-sufficient version of Marrskarian society

One reason for lack of international recognition was the CPM disregard for human rights and the rule of law