Honesty, Innovation, Tolerance
“Theres a small land far in the north” (official) “The boy in the bubble” (unofficial)
Capital city Copenhagen (west)
Largest city Copenhagen west
Official language(s) English, Copenhaavni,Esperanto,Danish,French
Official religion(s) Pullmanist, Angelestical, Protestant, Danish Orthodox, Judaism
Short name Has short name::Copen
Demonym Copenhaaneer
Government Democratic
- Prime minister Edward Wright
- General Salitežį
- Generals secretary Clemency Huntingdon-Smyth
Legislature Copenishh
- Type - Amazing
- Number of seats - Drevianist party:130 Asada dí Rascalo:59 Swedish allies:300
- Last election - Every six years
Established 2013
Disestablished NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Area claimed 3.2km
Population 4100 residents, 203 Workers, 1200 foreign soldiers based in state 99% human, 1% farm animals
Currency CK
Time zone +1 hours
National sport Swingball
National dish roast beef
National drink Pink Lemonade
National animal Shrimp, Genet
Patron saint St Alba (Snit Áłbie)

.cpnhg, .rte, .norm, .osiboo
Copenhåag (also called Copennhager) is a micronation in Denmark.


Copenhåag was founded in 2010 by Áki Alečjo. The first act of the new parliament was to pass a law laying down the land which makes up Copenhåag.The first elections were in 2011. The results lead to Prime minister Roger Poroshèv replacing Alečjo. The tradition of laws being re-written after every election continued and capital punishment was introduced. In 2013 the military was formed by Defence Minister Patrav Peres.



This is the language spoken by the majority of citizens. It is similar to both Danish and English.

Sample: Ak iss de Languo spáká biet dër <<majorïty>> off Šïtïzens. It iss Smilark do Dansh plus Anglisheń.


Esperanto is spoken by a group of Esperinto in the south of the microstate.


Most people in the micro nation speak English as well as their native language. English teaching in the country is excellent.


Danish is used to communicate with the Macrostate government.


The KARS (Kopenhaavi Armed forces) are small with around 1000 personnel. Their primary role is to defend the state, however they are also used to help construct large engineering projects, such as Zelllemndørffä bridge.


The KARSARM is made up of two regiments, each with 25 soldiers. They are armed with Colt Commando assault rifles and Glock 17 pistols.


The Karsnavi has one ship, the KARN Bełof, which is a patrol ship that patrols around the city’s one waterway.

Air Force

The KpNhgAiR has around twelve aircraft, and 30 personnel.


See CPHGPO for more information on getting your passport.

Government website

See www.copenhaaggov/osiboonorm\k.cphg for more information.

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