Confederate States of America
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Confederate FlagNoCOA

Deo vindice (Assumed)
California, USA
Capital city Unknown
Largest city Unknown
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Unknown
Demonym Confederate
Government Dictatorship (assumed)
- Dictator (assumed) Brian Aquillus
Legislature Despot
- Number of seats - 1
- Last election - NaN
Established May 18, 2015
Disestablished July 2nd, 2015
Population 1-4 the reason for the range is the total number living in the area vs. those actually known.
Currency United States Dollar
Time zone UTC−8:00 Pacific Standard Time
National sport Unknown
National dish Unknown
National drink Unknown
National animal Unknown
Patron saint Unknown
The Confederate States of America (or C.S.A. or The Confederacy) was a Secessionist Micronation that declared independence from Esterlyn and claiming more land than the territory used to have. only to be annexed by Esterlyn afterwards.

Anything Known of the Old Confederacy


The Military of The Confederate States of America Consisted of one soldier with a shotgun, three nerf guns, and one basketball.


It it's assumed that the constitution is that of Either that of the Confederate States of America or United States of America

New Confederate States of America

Formed as a Vassal of Esterlyn to Join the Esterlynian Imperial Zone the C.S.A. the C.S.A,'s Leader has yet to be informed as such.

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