Bullet War
Date: 3 May 2015
Location: Garsyria
Result: Brandholmer victory 
Territorial changes: Garsyria ceded to Brandholm

Dutch Marine Jack Garsyrian Empire

Flag of the Republic of BrändholmState of Brändholm

Commanders and leaders
  • Dutch Marine Jack Emperor Patrick I
  • Dutch Marine Jack Prime Minister Dimitry Voskov
  • Flag of the Republic of Brändholm President Shady Morsi
  • Flag of the Republic of Brändholm Commander Yusef Lifkomen
Dutch Marine Jack Kings Brigade

Flag of the Republic of Brändholm 1st Home Security

Military activity
None Battle of Alex City
(Garsyria  ceded to Brandholm)
Casualties and losses

Dutch Marine Jack 1 injured


The Bullet War (also known as the 27 Minutes War) was a short war between the Garsyrian Empire and the State of Brandholm.


In 2015 some of Shady's neighbours formed a micronation, calling it the Garsyrian Republic. The Brandholmer State respond with diplomacy and recognition of the Garsyrian Republic.

However the Garsyrian Republic become an empire and starting to claiming various places in the world and Patrick is jealous on Brandholms success in the world. Result: Patrick declared war on Brandholm despite that Brandholm didn't recognize the war.


Altough Brandholm didn't recognize the war. The Brandholmer Landskamer give permission to deploy Brandholmer troops to Gasyria under leading of Yusef Lifkomen and invaded Garsyria. While the troops are in Garsyria's capital, Alex City, most of the Garsyrian "Kings Brigade" surrenders to Brandholm. However, Patrick tries to assault a Brandholmer soldier with a wooden stick, resulting in Yusef shooting a nerf bullet in Patricks eye, and ending the Bullet War.


Garsyria was taken over by Brandholmer forces but was left by Brandholm. Brandholm never occupied Garsyria due to Garsyria's area 

As a result of the attack Garsyria retreats and collapses.forming of the State of Garsyria