Diplomatic Republic of Berlonia



Coat of Arms


Uma longa jornada começa com um pequeno passo

(A long walk starts with a small step)


Land of the Fair (EN)

Terra dos Justos (PT)

Terrand diu Jusfar (BN)

SC, Brazil

Capital city Principal Berlonia
Largest city Principal Berlonia
Official language(s) Portuguese
Official religion(s) Christianity
Short name Berlonia
Demonym Berlonian
Government Republic
President President BM
Established February 23rd, 2015
Population 4
National Animal Platypus
Time Zone UTC-3
Patron Saint St. Thomas

Berlonia (liberal synonym: Berlony), officially the Diplomatic Republic of Berlonia, is a micronation founded in February 23rd, 2015 by its current president, who identifies as BM.


See article: Bernel

Since its foundation until December, 2016, the official language of Berlonia was the Bernel, a conlang made by BM (more details on the article). The language only had around 1,000 words, and a very complicated grammar, so the government decided to abandon the project and keep Portuguese the official language.


Berlonia's history goes back to not long ago, starting with the idea of creating a micronation by BM, who made all the basics of a micronation.

On March 2015, Ben Gilmor suggested a new and simpler flag to Berlonia, wich decided to adopt.

On April 2015, Berlonia buyed the Kingdom of Ramenia for a very low price and tripled its territory.

On 08/12/2015, Berlonia made an Alliance with UI and claimed the state of Berholm.

On 8/12/2015, Berlonia claimed both Gödör and Gödörs grundet islands, founding the state of Godor.

Recently, on most of 2016, Berlonia has been quite inactive, due to the president's personal reasons. BM is currently trying to save the nation from extinction.


Berlonia's official sport is chess. Berlonia also has an official soccer League.


Berlonia's currency is the Berlonian Irreal (BL$). It's known that the currency is only produced when needed, generating little inflation and making the value of the Irreal extremely high.


The political system of Berlonia consists in a constitutionalist republic, ruled solely by the president. In the past year, there was only one candidate to this charge, so the elections are temporarily cancelled.


Berlonia's geography consists in 4 states / regions and five cities. It has a territory of roughly 9.09 km².



Berlonia's main national information source is the Jornal da Berlonia.



Old flag of Berlonia

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