Alfean Commonwealth
Flag of the Alfean Commonwealth

Seal of the Alfean Commonwealth


The commonwealth

Capital city Arras City
Official language(s) Dutch, English, Arrassian
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Alfean
Government Voluntary association
- Secretary-General Shady Morsi
- Chair-in-Office Arran flag Arras
Legislature Commonwealth Parliament
Established 24th April 2010
Population 199

The Alfean Commonwealth generally known simply as the Commonwealth,is a political association of 4 member states, that are assosiated states of Alfeus  The chief institutions of the organisation are the Commonwealth Secretariat, which focuses on intergovernmental aspects, Despite called the Alfean Commonwealth, the headquaters of the AC is located in Arras City, Arras 

Member states have no legal obligations to one another, but are connected through their use of the Dutch language and historical ties with Alfeus.

Each member can make treaties with other nations without the interfering of the commonwealth. But Alfeus, Arras, Glozhenia and kefonia always act for the common good of the commonwealth. If a micronation recognize a member, they also have to recognize the other members and the Alfean Commonwealth as well. By working together the members of the Commonwealth speak with one voice in the micronational community.


Members of the Alfean Commonwealth
Flag Name of country Capital city Government Head of State Year of foundation Population
Flag of Alfeus
Alfeus Anabon Noble Republic Grandmaster: Shady Morsi 2020124
Flag of Arras
Arras Arras City Technocratic non-partisan Republic President: Furkan, B 2020 12
Glozhenia Barakov Unitary directorial republic National Directorate 2020 31
Kefonia Saratov Constitional Monarchy Kynaz: Yann I 2020 5
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