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Republic Of VLAHARES
Alampourdesian flag passed.png


Coat of Arms

"Skapste Alites!"
Crete, Greece
Capital city Fremkasa
Official language(s) Greek
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Alampourdesian
Government Marxist-Leninist state
- President Akis
- Prime Minister Jaimson
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established 24th April 2010
Area claimed 0.003 km²
Population 20
Currency Alar (de jure)
Euro (de facto)
Time zone EET (UTC +2)
Summer time: EEST (UTC +3)

Alampourdesia officially Republic Of Alampourdesia is a socialist micronation located on the island of Crete, in Greece. The government is run by Jaimson, while current president of Alampourdesia is Akis.


Alampourdesia used to be a clandestine organization.Its aim was to exterminate a black cat.On 24th April 2010 Jaimson became the leader of the organization and decided to built a tiny wooden house called <<Paragka>>(picture),then he declared the independence of Alampourdesia as a de jure independent sovereign country.Paragka is still the symbol of Alampourdesia.On April 26th An terrorist group called "VIP" wanted to capture Paragka and conquer Alampourdesia. Jaimson and Akis(not the president) succesfully managed to win the war against VIP.. After the war new elections were proclaimed. Jaimson won the elections with over 85% of the votes and became the first prime minister of the micronation. On August 6 of 2015 the new Alampourdesian flag was created.On December 6 of 2015 the government announced that a referendum will be held on 20 December to decide whether the constitution proposed by the government should be accepted or rejected as the fundamental law of the state.The constitution was approved by 85% of the people consequently Alampourdesia became a socialist state.On May 4th the collective garden of Alampourdesia was founded as a state-owned entreprise.It is managed and run by the council of farmers that work there.

Turmoil with Alampourdesia's neighbours

On 2012,Some people which live close to the borders of Greece and Alampourdesia used to ignore and make fun of the micronation and occupied a WW2 bunker called Katafygio which was in the Alampourdesian territory.The people immediatly responded and the Alampourdeisan army started a military operation.Our neighbours secluded the bunker by putting a fence around it.The same night the Alampourdesian army with the help of our country's farmer destroyed the fence and reoccupied the bunker once and for all.

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The Alampourdesian police used bicycles as vehicles in order to spread an ecological message to the citizens of the micronation until the police was disbanded on 2015 as there is no criminality.


The economy of Alampourdesia is a planned,socialist economy.The monthly government's newspaper and the Alampourdesian collective garden are the country's only sources of income.Despite that,the Alampourdesian economy is growing and every day the quality of life of the Alampourdesian citizens improves.The Alampourdesian currency is the Alar.